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The Month of March

Montgomery County Fairgrouds, Dayton, OH

March is a BIG month for us here at TTOC. We are looking forward to some major changes in our company. For one, Hallie Shaw is now working with us on Whale Speed: Pilot (Link to our Patreon with more info). We are also super excited to announce that we will be taking part in the Ohio Arts & Crafts Vender Expo, March 17th & 18th!

Animation Dayton Logo

So, for those of who that are looking to support to your local artsists, this is a GREAT way to show it! We'd sure appreciate it! The rest of the month is dedicated to changing our podcast format and name, as well as manage our communty group for animation lovers, Animation Dayton!

MSG (Movies with Sara and Garrison) is a discussion, analysis, and trivia based podcast about animated movies and T.V. shows. You'll get to listen to us eat spicy food if we get any of the answers wrong. Check us out on Soundcloud!

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Youtube to stay updated! We look forward to hearing from you.

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